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H  e  a  r  t  F  e  l  t
Felt and cotton thread is life metaphysically personified. Where our scars share our life's story out to others. Showing our vulnerability by connecting through our common
wonder and suffering. 
white 2.jpg
coloured felt hand-stitched with cotton thread
33 x 46 cm
p e r a c h  
From the dark decaying earth she arose,
Carefully planned before her emergence,
Always meant to become.
The day waited for her;
Thousands of years.
Into the hot, harsh day she unfurled
A life designed to sing the creator's beauty,
To bring the scent of his presence, and display the goodness and order of His being.
She is a glimpse of the majesty of her Father,
An exclamation mark against His truth:
He has overcome death, there is hope and a future!
    -  Samantha VanderBlom




U  n  t  i  t  l  e  d     1
coloured felt hand-stitched with cotton thread
33 x 46 cm




  D  e  s  e  r  t     g  r  e  e  n  e  r  y
coloured felt hand-stitched with cotton thread
36 x 92 cm

Kookaburra laughs
Billabong babbles
Frilled-Neck spits and tangles
For treasured food delights

What jubilee sounds arise
Within this dessert ethos
Truffled and Frolicked
In speckled greenery

O herald bright beginnings
Shout bud celebrations
Explore patient penitence
Being present daily

And as moment turns to next
So desert will turn to garden
And nature’s empty to full
As to Ngurambang yellamundie yabun*

*Australia’s Story Song - Gadigal language of Cadi (Sydney Cove)



willywagtail- black.jpg
W  i  l  l  y     w  a  g  t  a  i  l
coloured felt hand-stitched with cotton thread
33.5 x 29 cm
Mingle, flirt and flutter
Tail wave and shudder
For you, I know
Are more than frolicking ignorance
For between us and Divine
You linger, laud, and lay

Yet there you sit, swing and sway
Astir in tail swooshing
While opulent in wisdom
Gifting stores of sacred Dreaming
To all who would listen.

P  l  a  n  t
coloured felt hand-stitched with cotton thread
32.5 x 22 cm
O porous feast
Of molecular photosynthesis
With cellular chunks of sun-spiced food
Garnished with bee pollen
Washed down with heaven spray

What extremes you ones exist in
From sustainable sun-warmth
To scorched-stricken soil
From rain-droplet refreshment
To torrential downpour
You thrive

God’s speaking, breathing portfolio
Of masterful conversation
With mystical whisperings
In all his work
Sharing parables to us

So next time you’re eating fire
Remember rain and life from others
Ain’t enough
You need sun-flares
To test and mould
You beyond you




R  i  v  e  r
coloured felt hand-stitched with cotton thread
55 x 29 cm
Gushing ebullience
Deep unto deep
From roaring great
To trickle meek
You carry life
In flow embrace

tree -gold.jpg
K  u  m  a  n  j  a  y  i  *
coloured felt hand-stitched with cotton thread
27.5 x 60 cm
    Kumuna Tjitji                O Bereaved Child
    Kapi Watiku                    My Water
    Kumanjayi Butler          ——  Butler

*the Yakunytjatjara peoples of Koolunga SA bereavement name for deceased male family members.




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