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Exploring the personal narratives of my Australian home, I fuse visual elements of Art Nouveau and Medieval stained-glass imagery. My style, grounded in rich texture, composes enchanting flora and fauna through materials including wooden panel, felt and gold leaf. Playful figures captivate attention and evoke a childlike sense of wonder in our own earthly experiences. Notions of spirituality throughout my practice draw forth the universal stories of love, sorrow, comfort and hope. The First Nation People's Lore and Dreaming also guide my head, soul and hands as I delve deep into her mysterious and majestic creations.

M  y     s  t  o  r  y

I wrote and scrolled my prayer in the cracks of the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel. I fed roosters raised for cockfights in Greenfield, Florida for room and board as I wrote chapter titles for the Bible’s 66 books. I summited Mt. Kyaikhtiyo Golden Pagoda (a temple on a golden rock perched on a strand of the Buddha's hair 1,000 meters above sea level in Mon State, Myanmar). I hunted, killed, and roasted a goanna in the MacDonald Valley, NSW, Australia at 12. I painted an 8 x 3.25m art mural on the wall of St Philip’s, York Street, Sydney, made from 2,000+ word swirls. 

A Jesus mystic, I come from a pioneering missionary family of seven who left New York, USA in 1983 to build a Bible college and youth camp on an old dairy farm in outback Australia. Home-schooled by my Mum on this 150-acre property, I entered the real world attending high school in Cooranbong, Lake Macquarie 1996.


Then off to the world I ran, explored and studied. From Germany, Myanmar, Canada, Israel, Jordan. Then back to the epoch of Sydney City life working for SUJET Narrative Consultancy creating persuasive brand stories for clients from Incent (Australia's first cryptocurrency) to Stryker (global innovative medical group). Flourishing from Diploma in Advertising, AWARD School, Direct Mail Creative School to finishing off my Bachelor of Arts with an Indigenous Studies Major. All with the love for stories, my Australian country and First Nation's Peoples, freedom of speech and building community. These passions and desires continue to challenge and grow my creativity to where I now am today in my Enmore loft.

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